SOUL MACHINES™ BLOG: Adding the Human Touch to Technology

Why Digital Employees Will Keep You Ahead of the Pack

The tide has changed on the digital landscape. Artificial Intelligence is no longer hovering on the distant horizon, it’s here and now. Execs failing to see the future has arrived need to remove their blinkers and evolve their relationship with technology. For those who do not harness digital transformation will flounder and sink.  It’s innovate or implode.

 INNOVATE : Carpe Diem

INNOVATE: Carpe Diem

Injecting digital disruption into an organization establishes an innovative culture that empowers people to adapt and push for change. It needs to be company wide, where ideas and technology are shared across all layers of the organization interconnecting like plant tendrils to support growth. Transforming an organization into such an ecosystem stimulates inventive thinking allowing for adaptation and advancement.

Amazon saw the lights in the sky when drone technology took off. First off the runway with Amazon Prime Air Delivery, they saw a gap in the market and flew with it. They didn’t stand on the sidelines to watch others experiment; they were prepared to take the risk and be the first.

While, Netflix spying a gap in the old-school market of ‘let’s drive to the local DVD store and rent a Blockbuster movie,’ embraced the digital age by driving its content online. Even going one step further than others who jumped on the bandwagon by creating its own branded series and films. The epic fail of Blockbuster was not just to remain aloof from streaming but to turn it’s back on connecting with a third party like Netflix which could have leveraged it’s business beyond its wildest dreams!

OR IMPLODE : Houston, we have a problem!

Corporate culture that continues to sustain a dampening down of innovative energy by failing to embrace technological advances will inevitably stifle all future enterprises. While, change-averse organizations that nurture the existence of silos where cross-departmental collaboration isn’twelcomed will be facing a dark uncertain future.  

Borders Books failed to see what their competitors saw : the ebook revolution. And in so doing signed their own death warrant.  Motorola ignored the rise of the email and the desire to stay interconnected on the move while Blackberry turned a blind eye to touch screen technology only to stumble into the darkness with a minute keyboard that never suited people with big digits.


Technology that addresses the shifting sands of customer needs by finding the best ways of connecting with them is what propels companies to the head of the pack. And it is to this landscape, that Soul Machines™ Digital Employees step in to transform the way companies interact with their clients.

These Digital Employees complete with personality and character, not only sense and react to human emotion but have such human-like faces they can build a rapport and connection with customers second to none. And the eloquent beauty of them is they are capable, cognisant and caring so they can be employed across a wealth of industries, adding a truly human touch to AI.

This humanization of the user experience creates a far more appealing connection with technology.  Who would not prefer interacting with AI that can look you in the eye, note your emotional state and react appropriately?

  • For retail, a Digital Sales Assistant’s ability to learn and build-on customer information opens the way for highly-targeted sales with far less drop-offs.
  • For healthcare, a Virtual Assistant can provide a vital, personalized communication line between patient and procedure creating an enhanced level of trust.
  • For finance, a Digital Employee can pinpoint and present accurate information in a fraction of the time it would take a customer to source.

Digital Humans are the pinnacle of digital transformation. By humanizing computers they connect data and people in a way never seen before, thus transforming our world.

Their potential is only limited by our imagination.

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