Soul Machines™ innovative technology is in the news

New innovation hub in Auckland hopes to attract Kiwis from all over the country to the tech sector.

As reported by One News (October 7th, 2017)

Soul Machines™ reveals the latest model of a virtual baby with a theoretical brain and central nervous system to the New Zealand public.

“Baby X has a model of a brain and a central nervous system and a sensory system,” Greg Cross tells TVNZ’s One News. 

Embrace the new tech revolution – Soul Machines™ in the news

The Robotic Revolution?

We’re heading into another industrial revolution. It’s the fourth and it’s driven by AI – Artificial Intelligence. Will machines take over or is there a future where man, women and computer can compliment each other? Asks Lisa Owen of Newshub’s the Nation.

Simon Shepherd reports for Newshub’s The Nation (October 17, 2017)

Sophie is Air New Zealand’s face of digital disruption. Soon, instead of a human or even a chatbot, she (or it) may be booking your flight!