Mark Sagar was a speaker and attendee favourite at Forrester’s CXSF Forum in San Francisco. The forum explored how to harness the right balance between Human + Machine with the advent of new customer experience technologies.

Bringing Up BabyX

Mark Sagar, Co-Founder & CEO, Soul Machines™

What if we could use a virtual nervous system to bring a digital human to life? What if we could also understand the nature of its experience interacting with the world? What if we could learn more about ourselves by examining the way digital humans interact with the world? BabyX 5, the latest version of Soul Machines™’ human computing research, now has a complete body and is the first example of a human machine being brought to life with a virtual nervous system and digital DNA™ — literally putting a human face on AI. Taking inspiration from Dr. Mark Sagar’s own daughter and his Academy Award-winning work in the movie industry, BabyX 5 is changing the way humans communicate and interact with machines. Through building and teaching BabyX, Sagar is gaining a better understanding of human cognition and how humans learn.

Extract from Forrester CXSF Forum

Watch Mark’s full presentation here.