EVENT: Greg Cross as Innovation Night Speaker for 2017 IBM Forum in Taipei

When virtual technology meets the real world

Cloud computing and big data analysis to artificial intelligence and smart technology are rewriting the traditional business rules.


Greg Cross (CBO, Soul Machines™) sits down with Wang Jie  (Business Week Editor of Digital Content) and Rob High (IBM Watson Chief Technology Office) to discuss when virtual technology meets the real world, live at 2017 IBM Forum in Taipei.

Excerpt from the discussion panel, as Greg Cross shares the idealogy behind Soul Machines™:  

” Literally what we’re doing is putting a face on IBM Watson and taking that computer interface beyond a simple chatbot. What we think is really important is that we’re heading into an era where as humans we’re going to spend so much more of our time interacting with AI systems, with robots, with different types of machines; and the thing that we believe is incredibly important is – these machines and these AI systems will be so much more useful to us as humans, as people; if they’re more human like.”

Watch Greg Cross in discussion at the IBM Forum in Taipei.