SOUL MACHINES™ BLOG: Sparking a Transformative Reaction in the Digital Age

A reaction is a transformation from one thing to another. Whether on a chemical level as the result of mixing elements together to create a new substance or on a human level as something done or felt in response to a situation or event: a reaction is a vital component of adaption and change in the world.

A reaction couldn’t be more pertinent than now in the digital age, as we remodel technology to revolutionize human society.  But, in order to spark this transformative reaction, a number of key elements are required.

Element #1:  Curiosity

Throughout history, humankind has shown a real taste for curiosity. Inquisitive thinking has been the driving force behind so many achievements, stoking our desire to explore & investigate in the pursuit of knowledge.   This questioning of the world around us helps cultivate massive shifts in our thinking and approach to the unknown. From the curious minds of the great explorers like Magellan circumnavigating the earth or great scientists like Einstein developing his theory of relativity, curiosity is what challenges the rulebook pushing the mind to explore uncharted territory.

In this digital revolution, it is curiosity that drives today’s thinkers, scientists and pacesetters to re-imagine the possibilities of leading-edge technology.


Element #2: Creativity

From curiosity comes creativity, that inspiring phenomenon where the mind flicks on its insightful lightbulb cultivating new and invaluable ideas.

Creativity can be intangible like a scientific theory or take on a more physical form like a piece of art or an invention.  Either way, creativity is the place where ideas are incubated as we borrow, bend and break previous concepts only to reconstruct them in new, more exciting ways;  and the digital era is the ideal environment for enhancing creativity.

“As we become a more technological society, we also become a more creative society, because many of the rote tasks that used to take up a lot of our time and effort have become automated.”    How Technology Enhances Creativity   

Once the idea has been germinated it needs to be implemented which leads us to element number three – Innovation.

Element #3:  Innovation

Innovation is about applying ground-breaking ideas that will re-shape our modern world for the better.  X-Ray made the invisible visible, electricity brightened-up our planet and cameras captured moments forever. Inventions have transformed life as we know it.

As we look out across the digital landscape, it is human innovation that will keep this momentum flowing by bringing about more-effective solutions to how we use technology making the entire process more personalized and relatable.


The Transformative Reaction

So – combining curiosity, creativity and innovation sparks a transformative reaction. 

Just like when a child sees snow for the first time, when people witness ground-breaking technology there is a golden moment of astonishment, of awe, of surprise and excitement which awakens the mind to something new. This is what Soul Machines™ strives for, to make the magic real, as we reinvent how humans communicate with technology.

We need to be explorers again. Engage with our curious minds to generate ideas and implement them. We invite you on the adventure with us. Exploration was never easy but without it, we will never move forward and break new boundaries.


EVENT: Greg Cross will at “Davos Gathering of Minds” on January 24th

From article published by Global News Wire, January 18, 2018

WISeKey International Holding Ltd (“WISeKey”, SIX: WIHN), a leading cybersecurity and IoT company announced that The is the first interactive “knowledge platform” for managing the convergence of humanity and technology, its impact on our daily lives, and the long-term implications. This dynamic initiative will be introduced on January 24 in Davos, Switzerland during the world’s foremost assembly of international leaders. 

In an innovative multi-media program, informing and engaging all citizens of the world about the dynamic influences of technology in our personal, communal and professional lives, The TransHuman Code was formed to redefine the hierarchy of our needs and how we will meet them in the future.

Originated by Swiss cybersecurity pioneer, WISeKey and authored by Carlos Moreira and David Fergusson, The TransHuman Code will feature exclusive insights from the world’s premier authorities on the application of AI, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, IoT, and Robotics to, employment, communication, transportation, communities, security, government, food, finance, entertainment and health.

“The TransHuman Code Davos Gathering of Minds” hosted by CBS Inside Edition Host Megan Alexander, will bring together global leaders in technology, business, finance, government, academia and the media for this exclusive event. Highlights include the introduction of the world’s first digital person and the first autonomous flying “taxi”, live expert interviews and exclusive high-level discussion and debate amongst the platform contributors.

Participants will be amongst the first in the world to meet Rachel, the revolutionary Digital Personal Assistant from Soul Machines and IBM Watson. Able to see you, listen to you and feel your emotions, Rachel’s neural network combines biologically inspired models of the human brain and key sensory networks to create a Human Computing Engine.

Vimana has created the world’s first autonomous aerial vehicle for transporting people and payload. With vertical takeoff and landing capability, the Vimana platform, combines IOT, AI and Blockchain and is already in the air bringing the future travel to the market today.

The “Davos Gathering of Minds” launch, led by Mr. Moreira and Mr. Fergusson, will feature live interviews with Megan Alexander and moderated discussion amongst the assembled leading experts including:

Alex Pentland |Director, MIT Connection Services and Human Dynamics Lab
Evgeni Borisov | Founder and CEO, Vimana Global
Salim Ismail | Author, Exponential Organizations (Founding CEO, Singularity University)
Greg Cross | Chief Business Officer, Soul Machines™ 
Rachel | The World’s First Digital Person
Shantenu Agarwal | Director, IBM Watson
Rodrigo Arboleda | Chairman, Fast Track Institute

Beyond the launch, The TransHuman Code initiative will facilitate important conversations, provide access to the latest scientific knowledge and discoveries, and offer rare access to key people and places at the forefront of our TransHuman future. Subject matter experts will engage and inform the global citizenry in thoughtful dialogue regarding the dynamic interplay between humanity and ever-evolving technology. It will help us to better understand the merger of man and machine in our personal, communal, and professional existence, and challenge us to confront the application of technology to the infrastructure of our lives.  This is The TransHuman Code at work.

To learn more about The TransHuman Code Launch event, visit:  

PRESS: Beyond the Hype – Humanizing AI

Video published by Bluewolf

“AI is designed to provide experiences that feel more human. But what if it could look more human too? That’s a question for Soul Machines™, a New Zealand company creating human-like 3D avatars powered by IBM Watson. And its Director of Business Development, Shaun Paga, has some answers.”

Dreamforce is Salesforce’s massive tech conference of four high-energy days of learning, innovation, fun, giving back and creating equality for all. Shaun Paga of Soul Machines™ was there and this interview was filmed at the event.