We’re Here to Help!

March 22nd, 2020

Over the past month we, like you, have faced an unprecedented period of change.

We moved quickly to ensure the safety of our employees and embrace new working practices. And, we directed all our effort to how Digital Heroes could be applied to helping businesses, government and non-government organizations to better serve those in need.

Through this rapid R&D effort, we have been able to create a Digital Helper  designed to specifically answer questions about COVID-19 from employees, customers and the most vulnerable. Based on constantly updating CDC information, our aim is to make this real-time information resource available to our customers and public and private sector organizations in the next week.

It’s important to understand we are not doing this for commercial benefit. We will make the standardized Digital Helper and conversational corpus available to any public service organization at cost and provide the conversational corpus we have developed to any existing customer free of charge.

A few key facts on what makes a Digital Helper important now:

    1. A Digital Helper is unique in its ability to communicate with empathy and engage in conversation. We call her Sam and she augments your team’s capability at a time when many are stretched – and ensures up to the minute digital information and processes are more accessible. She is capable of learning and personalizing information in real-time. And because she is virtual, we can tailor, launch and deploy with minimal effort.
    2. Sam is resilient, highly scalable and a trusted source of accurate guidance to help any number of end-users deal with every aspect of the COVID-19 pandemic. Sam uses constantly updating CDC information and delivers it through empathetic conversation in real-time. She can work in any geography as a standalone communicator or as part of a suite of other trusted channels and can be set up to triage end-users through to emergency resources too.
    3. Sam can complement the efforts of your existing front line team members. She can handle large volumes of simple interactions at scale 24/7 leaving your current team members to focus on the most important and urgent needs. Because Sam is constantly learning, she becomes more and more useful and if your team itself starts to get impacted by the virus Sam can keep going. By using a standardized conversational corpus she can ensure that the narrative is correct and fact-based and controlled to some degree ensuring better outcomes for crisis management.

    We are working around the clock to refine Sam to meet additional needs (we will look at multi-lingual, integration with existing conversational corpuses, and more).

    We’d be happy to give you a demonstration if you are with an organization capable of deploying and using the technology.

    We’re here to help in whatever way we can.