Soul Machines Launches Digital DNA™ Studio

May 28th, 2020

New Creative Suite for User-Generated Creation of Digital People at Scale.

SAN FRANCISCO — May 28, 2020 — Soul Machines™, the astonishing AGI company, today announced that it will make its Digital DNA™ Studio (DDNA Studio) available for companies to easily and rapidly create their own Digital People for an engaging and powerful brand experience. In today’s increasingly digital world, brands can connect with every customer in a personalized way at scale with Soul Machines’ Digital People. They are designed to deliver the personalized, emotionally engaging experience that customers crave with brands at a cost that allows them to scale.

DDNA Studio makes it possible for both brands and implementation partners to rapidly create a more personalized online experience by using the advanced tools of the new creative suite to build a functioning Soul Machines Digital Person use case in a matter of minutes. DDNA Studio provides a simple web interface to create, launch, and adapt a Digital Person use case which can be published and personalized at scale across multiple interfaces.

Prior to Soul Machines and the release today of its own internal creative tools, the options for any company or implementation partner to build an engaging, life-like Digital Person that’s unique and authentic to the culture of a brand itself were limited, low quality, extremely expensive and time consuming. DDNA Studio aims to change the economics of hyper-personalization and make it available to anyone wanting to create a more engaging experience for their customers or client’s brand.

“The work we do is a labor of love, and we are consistently amazed at the progress our teams are making,” said Greg Cross, co-founder and Chief Business Officer. “But our dream of expanding AI means extending that progress well beyond the walls of our company. The launch of the DDNA Studio marks a major moment of democratization for AI, where anyone can engage and utilize this technology at a reasonable entry cost and create their own Digital People.”

DDNA Studio creative suite takes the power of Soul Machines’ Human OS Platform to create astonishing lifelike, dynamically interactive Digital People. The patented Digital Brain within the platform drives the Autonomous Animation functionality which can be applied to a variety of use cases from customer experience to training across a range of industries from Entertainment to Financial Services. The Digital People have authored personalities which you can evolve over time based on user interactions as they help brands connect with their digital audiences and automate repetitive business functions in helpful and productive ways.

Companies will be empowered to succeed with the support of Soul Machines’ Customer Success teams & community, Soul X™. With experience supporting global rollouts, these teams will work with users to plan, implement and run their deployment. As part of the Soul X™ community, users will benefit from the learnings of leaders worldwide.


Digital DNA Studio is available for early access today for any company, channel or implementation partner. Please visit Digital DNA Studio for more information about how to get started.


Soul Machines is a global pioneer in artificial general intelligence (AGI) dedicated to delivering the full capabilities and goodness of human and machine collaboration in a responsive, relatable and unprecedented way. Composed of some of the world’s best AI researchers, neuroscientists, psychologists and innovative thinkers the company’s unparalleled autonomous animation – featuring its patented Digital Brain – brings technology to life by creating dynamically interactive and emotionally responsive Digital People with personality and character that allow machines to talk to us face-to-face. Soul Machines™ has deployed the world’s first Digital People with some of the biggest corporate brands in the world in Financial Services, Technology, Automotive, Healthcare, Entertainment, and Education industries. Soul Machines currently has over 120 employees with offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City, London, Tokyo, Melbourne and Auckland. For more about Soul Machines™, visit us online