Soul Machines Partners With Active AI

December 18th, 2020

As part of our dedication to transform brand and customer interactions at scale, we are excited to announce our partnership with Active.AI, the world’s leading Conversational AI for digital financial services, to re-imagine customer engagement and experience in the financial services sector.

Customer expectations of AI and chatbots have increased substantially. Active.Ai platform has seen a surge in usage of over 100 million interactions and over 25 million transaction service requests. To meet the rising expectations, Active.Ai provides a well designed and integrated Conversation AI platform to improve customer experience and engagement.  The company’s conversational banking technology uses advanced NLP and machine intelligence to enable customers to have natural dialogues over messaging, voice or IoT devices.

“We are very excited, our partnership with Soul Machines enables us to reimagine customer engagement and experience for our Banking clients. Our partnership will harness Active.Ai’s conversation AI platform and the orchestration middleware stack to create amazing, emotive, lifelike Digital People. Customers can engage with the Digital People, which will speak a local language, see, hear, act, react, feel, behave and learn.”


-Ravi Shankar, CEO and co-founder, Active.Ai. 

AI is redefining the workforce and the way we do business across all industries including financial services in a rapidly evolving digital environment. COVID-19 is forcing companies to become digital, accelerating the opportunity to drive digital transformation, virtual work, and new ways to engage customers. Digital People deployed by Soul Machines, created using the company’s Human OS platform, elevate customer and brand experiences by delivering the goodness of human and machine collaboration in a safe, engaging and powerful way to connect. Soul Machines’ technology offers an interactive and relatable customer experience through Digital People that can see, hear, and respond in real-time. The hyper-realistic appearance of Digital People offers naturalized and intuitive interactions, providing the ability to engage with millions of customers 24/7 in an engaging and relatable way.

“We partner with the world’s most innovative companies to deploy Digital People that embody their values, represent their brand, and connect with customers in a secure, deeply personal and powerful new way. Our partnership with Active.Ai provides new ways to engage with customers from leading financial institutions across the globe”

– VP of Partnerships, Soul Machines

About Active.Ai

Active.Ai is the leading conversation Ai platform for digital financial services. Active.Ai helps Banks accelerate their digital experience with omni-channel enterprise grade Conversational AI finance as a service platform built from ground up for Financial Services. Banks can deploy and scale rapidly with 150+ use cases pre-built out-of-the-box to increase customer acquisition, reduce customer service turn around time and deepen customer engagement on Whatsapp, Messaging, Smart IVR, Mobile apps, Web, VoiceBots and IOT devices. visit