Creating Competitive Advantage for the eCommerce Experience

Top Trends in revolutionizing digital brand experiences

There is currently an empathy deficit in customers’ experiences and business insights as we continue to evolve our eCommerce platforms. Brands need to focus on leveraging technology to better connect with their customers, as emotionally connected customers are twice more valuable than satisfied customers to business growth. Humanized AI can create future-facing competitive advantage and value for Retail and eCommerce businesses including data about customers’ needs, preferences, and emotional states with the brand.

Learn how Soul Machines Digital People can deliver customer interactions that increase engagement and brand loyalty:

  • Deliver curated and tailored product information
  • Boost eCommerce with a digital Brand Ambassador
  • Unburden your workforce from low-value high-volume tasks
  • Global brands are already investing and deploying Soul Machines’ Digital People as CX assets to realize this advantage.