The Future of Customer Experience for BPOs & Contact Centers

March 11th, 2021
Our VP of Customer Success, Rachael Rekart chats with Kirk Moquin, Co-Founder & Executive Chairman of ERC about how businesses can position themselves as partners committed to helping customers regain control post pandemic, and the role Digital People can play in this journey.

ERC is one of the top international Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) companies and full service providers for every aspect of the customer lifecycle. With relentless commitment to delivering the best experience, care and support through their experienced call center, it is exciting to see how our Digital People can play a role in positioning ERC as early adopters and redefining their customer experience.

Here are our top 5 key learnings from their conversation that all BPOs and call centers can learn from:

1) Accelerate your digital transformation

With a team of ten actively on the lookout for emerging technologies, ERC has an established reputation for being early adopters and leading digital transformation. It comes as no surprise they are the first call center to adopt Digital People. Before the pandemic, ERC had processes underway to enable their global teams to work remotely. 

It is well documented that call volumes increased during the pandemic, so adopting automation technology enabled ERC to not only be ahead of the curve, but improved efficiencies, improved the relationships they had with existing clients, and opened up growth opportunities.

“We thought about where the benefits are for our clients and their customers. We also looked at the organization and said, ‘what else can we do now to really improve, make more efficiencies, and make it a more seamless process for our employees?’” -Kirk Moquin

2) See the value in an omni-channel approach

Offering various support options to suit different customers is a conscious strategy for ERC. Customers’ preference to the type of support varies depending on their age, demographic, where they are from; people have a myriad of ways they feel comfortable communicating with brands. At ERC, it’s about offering solutions to bring them on the journey at a pace that works for them.

“For me it was just obvious that this is the future. We are excited to be at the front of the line.” -Kirk Moquin

3) Innovate your call deflection strategy

Their Digital Person EVA originally started as a virtual agent and text based chatbot as part of a call deflection strategy. ERC analyzed all the different types of phone calls coming into their call centers and worked out which were the easiest to automate to free up resources and deliver higher value interactions. They’ve identified five or six transactions that were flooding the call center that were considered unproductive calls.

“We believe if you’ve got a really good digital person, they’re going to have a better experience which means they’ll have a better image of the brand, better image of us. Everyone wins.” -Kirk Moquin

The virtual agent was trained based on some of ERC’s best agents and how they handle situations and will be a solution and will remain available for those who don’t want to talk, but need help straight away.

4) Digital People Use Cases for BPOs and Call Centers

ERC has identified numerous applications for Digital People within their business with a focus on driving more engagement from customers. They want questions handled fast and want it done right.

Some of the use cases that ERC is looking into implementing are:

    • Sales Ambassador:

      The first iteration of their Digital Person EVA will be tasked to be a sales EVAngelist. EVA will be the face of ERC among prospects and existing customers.

    • HR Assistant:

      A major stress point for ERC is constantly trying to find and hire good people. They’re looking into a Digital Person that can help with finding the best candidates.

    • Staff L&D:

      Kirk is a believer in lifelong learning and sees bountiful opportunities in digital people delivering continual training.

Despite AI being perceived as “taking jobs away”, ERC sees Digital People and automation helping everyone. By embracing technology, prioritizing productive calls, and improving efficiencies within the business, ERC has continued to grow and better support their employees in spite of a global pandemic that’s currently affecting five countries they operate in.

“I’m able to pay a lot more, because I’m driving so many more efficiencies within my business.  If you can pay people more, give them better benefits and more career opportunities, your churn rate is going to drop tremendously which is always the hardest thing in the contact center industry for agents.” – Kirk Moquin

The virtual agent was trained based on some of ERC’s best agents and how they handle situations and will be a solution and will remain available for those who don’t want to talk, but need help straight away.

5) Advice for early adopters of Exponential Technology

  • Get on with it

“If you’re not embracing the advancements in technology, you need to start doing it now because your business will get disrupted.” 

  • Bring everyone on the journey

“It’s not as easy as snapping your fingers and saying okay we are early adopters now.  It is a mindset and you have to have the right cultured environment in order to execute.  It’s about looking at our business and saying ‘why do we do those things?’ The answer shouldn’t be because that’s the way we’ve always done them.”

  • Don’t look for an ROI straight away

“We look at this from a research and development and a long term lens. It’s not that we don’t want an ROI but we’ve learned over the years from using all this technology, if you look at it like that, a lot of the time you’re going to scrap things before you’ve put in the amount of effort. Don’t underestimate the amount of resources, the amount of iterations you need to make in order for it to start working the way you truly want it to work.  If it was that easy then everyone would do it.” 

  • Learn from your mistakes

“There’s a lot of things you learn from your mistakes and sometimes you learn more from your mistakes than you do when things go the right way.”

There is no question that the pandemic has changed the future of work and accelerated the pace of digital transformation. In a pandemic-induced state of vulnerability, consumers have turned to brands and digital tools that restore their sense of confidence.  Already, early adopters and technologists that have embraced a swift transition are experiencing the benefits which have exposed new emerging opportunities. Are you ready to see how Digital People can redefine your organization?


About Kirk Moquin

Kirk Moquin is the co-founder and executive chairman of ERC. ERC is an agile technology driven company that provides business process outsourcing for Fortune 500 companies. With its workforce of 7000 plus employees spanning across three continents ERC delivers digital multichannel journeys for its clients. Kirk was awarded the prestigious Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2010 award in the financial services category for the state of Florida. For more information please visit