Soul Machines partners with Carmelo Anthony to revolutionize fan engagement at scale

April 15th, 2022

We live in a fundamental era where people feel disconnected despite spending a majority of our time online. In order to break this monotony and develop a deeper connection with customers, brands need to introduce more impactful ways to deliver personalized, unique, and impactful experiences in a zero-touch world. In an age when sometimes digital communications are all someone has to stay connected with others, it’s important that these experiences are positive, impactful, and human. 

At Soul Machines, this has always been our goal: to democratize high-touch and personal digital experiences to everyone through engaging, authentic, and empathic Digital People.

To that end, we are thrilled to announce our partnership with ten-time NBA All-Star, entrepreneur, executive producer and philanthropist Carmelo Anthony to develop a digital twin that embodies his values and ethos. Known as the digital athlete, Carmelo has not only made a name for himself in the NBA, but equally excels off the court managing a robust business portfolio as an innovator who understands the power of technology to communicate, engage, and interact with the world.

Learn more about digital twins in this documentary narrated by Robert Downey Jr.

Carmelo’s digital twin will be the first Soul Machines digital athlete that fans can interact with 1:1. It will be able to engage with his fans across the globe in a way that’s purposeful and meaningful. Much like Soul Machines’ Digital People, Carmelo’s digital twin will be autonomously animated to respond in real time, allowing each interaction to be unique and highly personalized. Fans will be able to dynamically interact with him via voice, chat, or video conversation in different languages 24/7. Soul Machines Digital Twin is our first entertainment Digital Twin, featured on the Youtube Original Series The Age of AI

In order to achieve this, Carmelo’s digital twin will be running our Human OS Platform featuring Autonomous Animation, a proprietary technology that allows all of our Digital People to be fully autonomous and authentic in their responses. As pioneers at the forefront of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) research, our team has successfully recreated a Digital Brain that replicates the way humans handle everyday interactions. By combining models of physiology, cognition and emotion, we set out to create a new form of biologically inspired AI. The Digital Brain’s neural network models are driven by deep research into neuroscience, psychology and cognitive science – and the only explainable way to autonomously animate digital characters. We take the best human conversations – engaging, warm, emotional connections – and combine this with revolutionary CGI technology to create the most incredibly lifelike and dynamically interactive experiences that span the future of CX, Learning and Development, Education and Healthcare, and Entertainment.

Carmelo’s digital twin will be debuting in the Fall of 2021. We look forward to sharing more updates about this project, and our Human OS platform in the coming months.