As part of our goal to revolutionize personal experience, we are excited to announce key enhancements to our Digital People that deliver a more human approach to Artificial Intelligence.

Guided by our industry-defining Autonomous Animation framework that measures the progress of our world-leading AI research, we are excited to share the next iteration of our foundational humanized AI platform. Each and every update to our Human Operating System advances the autonomous animation of our Digital People, and creates a more engaging, dynamic, and lifelike experience for brands to connect with their customers. 

Human OS 2.0 is the latest iteration of our technology, and will continue to improve in the months to come. After years of research and development work, we are excited to share this announcement with you today.

“The result of years of research and work investigating human interactions, Human OS 2.0 will enhance Soul Machines’ Digital People’s ability to interact with users and content, enabling brands to harness the power of face to face interaction using a digital person. Whether it’s a virtual shopping assistant in an online store, a brand ambassador providing personal interactions, an online banker or healthcare assistant, this new release delivers unprecedented levels of engagement online.”

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Some of these groundbreaking updates this year include:

  • Intuitive Behaviors and Enhanced Expression allow Digital People to autonomously add emotionally appropriate gesturing and behavior, and have more depth in their emotions. Speak with a Digital Person about an upcoming vacation, and they’ll show excitement through their emotions and body language.

  • Our brand new cognitive user experience enables Digital People to seamlessly interact with the 3D world around them, while keeping our customers’ content front and center, through immersive cinematic cuts and content-aware behaviors that occur autonomously.

  • Our Autonomous Body Animation will allow our Digital People to express themselves through their body starting with arms and hands and eventually into full body animation. 

  • Our revolutionary Digital DNA Blender will empower you to create your very own Digital Person from scratch – customize their hair, skin, eye color, face shape and more – to represent your brand in the best way.

Viola (above) was created through our Digital DNA Blender

While we are excited for the current evolution of our technology, there is much more to come. Thank you for being a part of our journey.

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