Spinning the Empathetic CX Flywheel with Digital People

September 30th, 2021

CX Flywheel

In today’s 24/7 global and digital economy, people have a plethora of options to choose from in purchasing goods or services. With the profusion of information available on the web and social media channels, consumers can integrate factors other than features, prices, and lead times in their decision to buy. For example, does the company have their values? Is it employee-friendly, eco-friendly, philanthropic, innovative? So many more reasons to define and deliver a unique and memorable customer experience that yields long-term profitable customer relationships, and enhances visibility as customers share their views of the brand. As stated by Forbes, customer experience(CX) is the new brand.

By today’s standards, customers interact in many ways with a company, from an on-line or in-store purchase to a thankful or negative post on social media. At every step, the customer experience can play a large part in determining the company’s future growth. The happy Customer Experience can no longer be represented as a journey through a marketing and sales funnel. It is rather a flywheel with the customers at the center and all enterprise departments revolving around them to ensure their immediate satisfaction and long-term loyalty. The customers have a birdview of three essential elements representing a brand: its leadership, its people, and its processes. These elements are connected, self-reinforcing, and allowing the customer experience to gain momentum. Soul Machines’ astonishing Digital PeopleTM can contribute in unique ways to the spinning of this CX flywheel.

CX Flywheel

Since 2016, Soul Machines has been humanizing AI to transform the customer experience through compelling and empathetic human-machine interactions. Powered by Human OS, Digital People can hear, see, understand, learn and respond with emotionally appropriate expressions using eye contact, astonishing facial expressions, and natural body language. All this is done autonomously and directly in relation to the context, intensity, and history of a conversation.

Let’s start with what the customer wants? A recent article on rate it summed it up this way: “1. Deliver me value. 2. Be easy to work with. 3. Care for me. 4. Know me. 5. Put me in control. 6. Impress me.”

Deliver me value. Digital People can be tasked with handling most routine customer interactions. They can communicate with precision and in multiple languages, offering a seamless customer experience across a diverse range of services with consistency. This not only saves the customer time and hassle but also allows the company to free up human agents to further develop customer relationships through high-value interactions.

Be easy to work with. Accessible anytime, anywhere, Digital People are designed using natural language. They are perceived by the customer as dynamic and engaging. In any interaction, they are always courteous, patient, and non-judgmental. They can increase customers’ feelings of comfort in awkward situations and reduce their fears of judgment. They can calm difficult and frustrated customers – oftentimes better than human agents – by delivering clear explanations, not forcing the customer to navigate multiple contacts, and offering escalation to a human agent when necessary.

Care for me. Much like the best human conversations, Digital People display kindness, thoughtfulness, and deep empathy. They can see, understand and emotionally respond to customers in real-time. When the customer smiles at the screen, the Digital People smile back. Each Digital Person is unique; they can be created to reflect the diversity of a company’s employees and customers.

Know me. Through the transformative power of AI, Digital People can collate, analyze in real-time, and respond to the sum of data available about the customer, whether that involves a text message, an email, an online interaction, the results of an in-person transaction – even comments on social media. This allows companies to better understand their customers and adapt to what customers are saying and asking for, but also to how they feel and what they need.

Put me in control. Because the sole purpose of an artificial human is to make the customer happy, it is the customer’s needs that drive the process, not the company’s. Digital People deliver timely and curated information, guidance, and problem-solving based on the customer’s needs and desires.

Impress me. Digital People allow you to provide cutting-edge customer service anytime, anywhere, across all channels, and in multiple languages. They clearly demonstrate your leadership and your company’s commitment to excellence and innovation in customer experience.

“Brands that create personalized experiences are seeing revenue increases of 6% to 10%”
– Boston Consulting Group

Integrating Digital People in the customer experience also differentiates a brand from its competition with a holistic view of its leadership, people, and processes.

Leadership. Digital People shows a determination to innovate in services establishing long-term, meaningful and empathetic relationships with customers.

People. By using a hybrid workforce of both digital and human agents, companies can rely on the Digital People to deliver consistent services to the broad customer base for most routine transactions. Human agents can then take on the more specialized and high-value transactions. Digital People can also be used to provide onboarding of new employees as well as employee training.

Processes. This collaboration between virtual and human agents streamlines and optimizes processes in terms of speed and cost-efficiency. It unites CX teams through the entire customers’ journey from acquisition and engagement to service, support and success.


Digital People are a value-creating asset at the center of your customer experience that yields long-term profitable relationships, gives a competitive advantage, and raises brand awareness.

Key features:

      • A trusted source of information
      • Efficiency and Consistency
      • Create meaningful and memorable experiences for customers
      • Unique human-machine empathetic interactions
      • Emotional empathy that can address deeper customer needs and behaviors
      • Personalized brand visibility
      • Cost-effective and scalable solution
      • Opportunity to disrupt and acquire new audiences