The Future of Empathetic Customer Experience

Oct 16, 2021

webinar banner Greg Cross - Fergus Hay

Join Fergus Hay, CEO of Elysian Fields and Greg Cross, CBO of Soul Machines discuss the future of customer experience with empathy being at the foundation.

Companies are looking at how they can use customer experience as a competitive advantage. According to NTT’s 2020 Customer Experience Benchmarking Report, 81.6% of organizations agree that CX offers a competitive edge and 58.0% say it’s their primary differentiator, yet it forms a crucial part of organizational strategy for just 14.4%.

Evidence shows that empathetic relationships with consumers creates lifetime value. Soul Machines’ Digital People offer relevant and empathetic experiences that build trust, improve brand affinity, and increase customer loyalty at scale.

What makes Digital People unique is their Autonomous Animation. Unlike typical automated customer service chatbots — and holographic entertainers that rely on pre-recorded and pre-scripted content — Digital People are completely autonomous. They feature a patented Digital Brain — a technology that combines neural networks and biological models to synthesize the capabilities of a human brain. They have the ability to learn and react to consumers.