Voicebot podcast on Soul Machines and the rise of virtual humans

Oct 21, 2021

VoiceBot AI believes that voice is the user interface change that will drive a new way for people to interact with and control computing resources. It is then no surprise that Brett Kinsella, the host of the VoiceBot AI podcast recently interviewed Greg Cross, co-founder and Chief Business Officer of Soul Machines to discuss Digital People and their ability to communicate, build relationships and create value for customers.

Listen to this content-rich interview of Greg Cross starting with the creation of Soul Machines and how the company has been consistent since 2016 with its mission of becoming the leader of humanized AI within the big bucket of AI, as Greg calls it.

Greg describes the company’s advanced research in Embedded Cognition and explains why, in addition to a hyper-realistic CGI, its engineers developed another essential technology which is the autonomous animation bringing the Digital People to life. Finally, their recently added content awareness and ability to interact with objects are powerful features to grab visual attention and maintain engagement. They also pave the way towards the Metaverse.

“I’m more excited about the potential for impact and by the work that we’re doing in a whole range of industries. Our Digital People can really change the way in which we can create customer experiences and the way we can deliver really essential services like health care and education.”

Thanks to their empathy and humanlike emotional behavior, Digital People deliver the promise of being the digital partners of the future for both customers and employees. On the customer experience side, they are relatable and efficient while making people comfortable, even confident. On the employee side, they augment their impact by being on the front line and letting workers attend higher-value tasks. Greg also discusses the parallel use of Digital People as digital twins.

“This is not about replacing human workers, this is about augmenting the roles that they do, because there will always be fundamental roles for human beings with creativity and the problem solving capability.”

On the topic of products and deployment of a Digital Person, you will get an overview of Soul Machines suite of creative, development, and interface tools to bring a Digital Person to life within an application whether it is an e-commerce platform or a healthcare web portal, knowing that you can also have access to a pool of registered partners for help and support if needed.

We think very carefully and very deeply about the creator economy, because we’re at a really, interesting point of time where the internet is becoming free dimensional. It is going to provide amazing opportunities for a whole new group of creators in the movie and game industry. Our paradigm shifting automated animation technology is going to make a big difference in terms of accessibility and cost.

To hear the complete podcast, visit Voicebot AI and select Episode 230: Greg Cross Co-founder of Soul Machines on the Rise of Virtual Humans