How can companies make digital shopping better?

Nov 29, 2021

How can companies make digital shopping better than the Black Friday/Cyber Monday experience?

Our co-founder Greg Cross was interviewed by Protocol’s experts on the Future of Retail alongside some other big brands including Levi Strauss, Gap Inc., Shopify, Intel, and Salesforce. Not surprisingly, most participants mention the importance of AI to personalize their offering and tailor product recommendations based on analytics. They also emphasize the need for an omnichannel presence and a reliable fulfillment system.

Intel is insisting on the importance of a memorable customer experience: “We’re seeing shoppers happily choosing to pay more for the same items when they’re tied to an amazing experience.”. But Greg Cross clearly emphasizes the mission of Soul Machines to humanize AI for a better retail experience and a true connection with the customers with a Digital Workforce that is empathetic, multi-cultural, multi-lingual, and paving the way to the future of retail in the Metaverse.