What Is The Metaverse’s Digital Workforce?

Dec 3, 2021

“The metaverse, and the Digital Workforce, will massively affect the way we work in the not-so-distant future.” says Emma Ascott, contributing writer for Allwork.Space following an interview with Greg Cross, Soul Machines co-founder.

Read her paper presenting Soul Machines as a leader in the development of a Digital Workforce for customer service and public outreach, but also paving the way to the future of work in the Metaverse. “We don’t see digital people replacing healthcare professionals and teachers, we see a means to augment and amplify them,” Cross said.  “At some point in the future, you might be able to create a digital version of yourself or multiple versions of yourself, and they can go out and do stuff, make money for you, while you’re doing something else that’s a whole lot more fun”

What is the Digitized Workforce, why the Metaverse matters and attracts the big tech companies, and the issues that are and will arise as these two emerging technologies converge?