The Next Frontier for Healthcare

Solving Healthcare Needs with Empathetic Digital People

During the past two years, we have seen the rapid acceleration of telehealth adoption, a leap forward into ‘zero-touch delivery’ models, and the global proliferation and domain expansion of care apps. Now, as the tragic human and real cost of the pandemic begins to be tallied, a further casualty is the mass exodus of physicians, nurses and health sector employees from the profession.

In this whitepaper, Erica Lloyd, General Manager – Healthcare and Education at Soul Machines, explains how healthcare can rapidly transform across three critical and interconnected fields with an enhanced user experience when digital empathy is added to the mix: 

  • Jumping to Telehealth – but so what?  It is time that we seriously exploit the insights and data generated by the healthcare ecosystems to enhance patient outcomes.
  • Building back Care –  Deliver ‘digital empathy at scale to care for the people, at home or wherever they are. 
  • Addressing labor crisis – Add Digital Workforces to the care models to assist and augment the human workforce.