Soul Machines’ approved patent for first-in-class animation of digital people in Web 3.0 and the Metaverse.

Mar 23, 2022

Sam in Metaverse

Soul Machines has been approved for a patent pertaining to its Digital DNA blending technology and asserts its leadership in the autonomous animation of avatars in 2D and 3D virtual spaces.

The Digital DNA™ blending technology allows creating of highly photorealistic animations of digital people that empathetically interact with customers in a meaningful way, increasing brand affinity, customer engagement, and loyalty.

Powered by a patented Digital Brain, Soul Machines’ Digital People™ are solely animated in what they have to say and their perception of the person they’re talking to. Lip motion, facial muscles, gaze direction, frowning, hand and body position, all are synchronized in time and space autonomously. The newly approved patent (US20210390751A1which is part of a family of patents on computer animation technologies protects Soul Machines’ intellectual property for selectively blending different facial regions from models based on demographic parameters (e.g. age, gender). The method combines region segmentation and demographic blending to render natural expressions in relation to the physical features of the avatar.

By recreating the fidelity of real-life facial expressions, brands can deepen and accelerate the engagement of their customers with a memorable and emotional experience that brings them value and inspiration.

Interested in investing in a Metaverse with astonishing Digital People?

Soul Machines’ Digital DNA™ Studio is an end-to-end solution to create, train and deploy Digital People™ in standard or custom applications. Built upon Soul Machines’ Human OS™ open platform, it is scalable and allows the integration of conversational Artificial Intelligence, discovery, social networking, monetization, and other functions.

Soul Machines has the right combination of technology maturity, technology protection, and a future-proof platform to enable business stakeholders to invest and innovate in this new era of the Internet and customer experience.

See how digital people can breathe life into your online worlds

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