Revolutionizing Healthcare Experiences with Digital People

Mar 30, 2022

Llyod Agarwal

The healthcare industry has been facing a worker crisis for years. Chatbots have evolved over time but don’t go far enough to engage patients face-to-face. Watch this webinar and learn how empathetic and smart Digital People solve this issue and fill the voids with a Digital Workforce.

Join Shantenu Agarwal, VP of AGI Ecosystem, and Erica Lloyd, GM of Healthcare and Education, both from Soul Machines, as they discuss the digital transformation currently happening in healthcare. Discover innovative new technologies, like Digital People, that can help your company take the lead in providing first-class empathetic care. And check out real-world examples of how you can improve patient experiences with a scalable Digital Workforce.

In this webinar, you’ll:

  • Learn how Digital People can answer your patients’ health and wellness questions with emotion and empathy.
  • Discover new opportunities for leveraging AI Digital People in your organization.
  • Hear about the organizations that are currently using AI Digital People to combine automation with emotion.