Soul Machines Appoints Greg Cross as CEO

Dr. Mark Sagar to assume the role of Chief Science Officer

SAN FRANCISCO — April 8, 2022 — Soul Machines has announced that co-founder Greg Cross and former Chief Business Officer will assume the role of CEO. In this position, Cross will continue Soul Machine’s rapid growth in the Enterprise market, launching the future of digital entertainment for the metaverse with hyper-realistic digital twins of real life celebrities. Dr. Mark Sager, who held the position since the company’s launch, will become Chief Science Officer, focusing on the company’s deep technology and AI R&D for continued advancements on the company’s Digital Brain, Human OS and autonomous animation.

“I am thrilled to continue to work with innovative, global brands and celebrities who understand the power of digital people to communicate, engage and interact with the world,” said Cross. “We are in a transformational era where brands need to introduce different approaches of personalization and methods to deliver unique experiences to customers in a very transactional digital world. As CEO, I look forward to further exploring the depth and capabilities of the metaverse.”

Cross, a serial tech entrepreneur, and Sagar, an Academy Award winner, founded Soul Machines in 2016. The company believes every sector will deploy digital people as a digital workforce to represent themselves and their brands in the metaverse. The future of Customer Experience in digital worlds is going to be key to winning in all the digital worlds people do business, work and play. Soul Machines digital people offer highly personalized brand experiences at scale while collecting detailed customer insights in a way that has not been possible before. Soul Machines works with global brands and celebrities including Carmelo Anthony, NESTLÉ® TOLL HOUSE®, Twitch, The World Health Organization, The Pan American Health Organization and more.

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