Why Autonomous Animation matters in virtual worlds?

May 18, 2022


The physical and digital worlds are converging. Simulated environments, mixed reality, and virtual interfaces are coming to the forefront of how we see the future. Distinct from augmented reality, the metaverse is a new channel to engage with people online. Initially represented entirely as a digital world, the metaverse is now actively being shaped to take users seamlessly between 2D and 3D worlds, and wherever the digital channel evolves.

Powered by advanced computer-generated imagery (CGI), the metaverse utilizes animation techniques that create hyper-realistic, high-quality, engaging experiences for consumers, employers, and businesses in all industries. No longer will a brand’s identity be limited by websites or mobile apps. In the immersive digital channels of the near future, successful brands will look to implement an interactive digital persona for their company, to stay competitive.

Preparing for the Metaverse

As industries position themselves for this paradigm shift to the metaverse, companies will need access to the right tools to capitalize on this next generation of the Internet. Tools that support rapid digitization and autonomously carry out complex interactions and processes online. Innovative technologies that provide content in a virtual, dynamic, empathetic, and multidimensional (2D to 3D) manner. And methods for providing engaging and immersive experiences to collect customer data.

But with the recent changes in laws surrounding the use of cookies and data consent, companies are searching for a new way to personalize consumer experiences, drive engagement, and improve customer value. The key will be to focus on longevity and relationship building by offering empathetic and personalized experiences that don’t simply rely on passive data tracking. This is where the benefits of the metaverse lie. The metaverse, with its decentralized system of identity, payments, and data privacy, will become the marketing medium of choice in both 2D and 3D spaces. Brands, companies, and enterprises must figure out how to deliver content in an environment where users feel comfortable interacting with each other and AI agents.

Enter the new generation of autonomously animated Digital People bringing the metaverse to the next level.

Autonomous animation is rooted in the belief that the best experience and interactions occur when a machine interacts in a lifelike manner and is driven by a computer architecture that’s inspired by how the human brain operates. Autonomously animated digital people look, speak, think, and seem realistic. These biologically inspired agents don’t pretend to be human but do have lifelike characteristics uniquely suited for the way humans communicate.

“Digital People can overcome cultural, language and geographical limitations, and implicit bias, creating ideal, personalized, empathic and relatable customer-service experiences. They are virtual helpers acting in the real world to enhance actual, tangible productivity. They enable us to reach beyond our normal constraints.” Greg Cross, CEO, Soul Machines

Use Cases For Digital People In The Metaverse

As content creators – combining interactive storytelling with AI-generated content, unleashing fan creativity, playing games in a variety of virtual worlds, unlocking new ways for creators to represent themselves, and enhancing audience engagement – without the heavy lift of coding, drawing, and animation.

As virtual brand influencers – appearing in interactive videos, commercials, and photos to represent a brand, business, or content creator with personalities and behaviors developed by a team of AI and marketing experts.  According to a recent HypeAuditor report from December 2021, virtual influencers have nearly three times the engagement rate of human influencers on Instagram. This trend is consistent for the second year in a row, indicating that followers better engage with virtual influencers’ content.

As a scaled digital workforce – acting as digital brand ambassadors that supplement, not replace, the current workforce. These brand/store representatives can be customized to fit your customers’ specific needs. They can answer questions about products and help consumers discover new ways to engage with your brand. All while being open to feedback, which then becomes invaluable data for your company.

As educators – allowing for personalized lessons tailored to each user’s ability or level of knowledge in a particular subject area.

As healthcare workers, celebrity legacies, and anything the mind can imagine – the opportunities are as endless as the metaverse itself.



  • Get started now and bring a human presence in your virtual spaces
  • Move seamlessly from your 2D digital world of today and your 3D metaverse world of tomorrow with the same CX
  • Scripted conversational content becomes an asset and a highly interactive CX when combined with the power of autonomous animation
  • Capture zero and first-party data and valuable customer insights at scale in a way that automatically personalizes the next CX