Soul Machines – The Human Presence in the Metaverse

It’s not just about digital worlds, the best experiences always involve human connection

“The Metaverse has already happened, we are living in the hybrid verse,” says Greg Cross, co-founder, and Chief Business Officer of Soul Machines. “Advances like autonomous animation and empathetic customer experience allow Soul Machines to create digital people who can be a company’s skilled, knowledgeable and helpful emissaries within and between all universes.”

In this eBook, we will follow Jon Radoff’s decomposition of the metaverse value-chain to describe  how Digital People can contribute to and accelerate the adoption of the metaverse for big and small brands at multiple levels :

  • Delight customers with an experience encompassing value, efficiency, personalization, and discovery.
  • Empower creators and designers with a simple and comprehensive suite of tools to integrate autonomously animated Digital People in their virtual spaces.
  • Leverage on a mature technology that will move customer experience seamlessly between the 2D internet and the 3D metaverse.