Digital DNA Studio

Enhance your digital worlds with AI Avatars

Today, as the metaverse becomes the inevitable and natural evolution of the internet, the demand for a new generation of avatars with realistic human features is increasing. Big brands want digital ambassadors. Retailers seek digital influencers. Businesses across all industries consider intelligent virtual agents to assist their customers and employees with empathy.

Soul Machines’ Digital People are capable of delivering these meaningful interactions with hyper-realistic expressions and gestures. The company has not only created the technology to animate them autonomously but has developed Digital DNA Studio, a rich and scalable collaboration platform that enables creators, UX and web designers to make their own Digital People and integrate them seamlessly into their user experiences.

In this eBook, you will learn how Soul Machines Digital DNA Studio opens the door to a whole new level of creativity to bring a human presence into your virtual spaces:

  • Create and stylize Digital People that relate to your audience
  • Give them a conversation, Smart Skills, and a personality
  • Deploy in your web and mobile applications as part of a custom UI or in web widgets