Digital Influencers

The power of influencer marketing

With the rise of social media, influencers have gone from mostly including high-profile celebrities and a select few bloggers to being a widespread group across practically every industry.

In this eBook, we present why influencers are important in today’s branding and marketing strategies and what are the benefits of digital influencers over human influencers. You will learn why Soul Machines Digital People are perfect for the roles of digital influencers:

  • Give a face and personality to your brand through an autonomously animated Digital Person
  • Offer a 1:1 connection to your customers with an iconic ambassador or the twin of a celebrity
  • Share your values, build a brand community and strengthen your global footprint
  • Capture valuable insights to increase customer loyalty
  • Diversify with new services leveraging your digital influencer and innovate in the metaverse