ECX: Delivering Engaging and Valuable Experiences in the Digital World

Aug 2, 2022


The focus on increasing brand loyalty and creating value out of long-term relationships is leading many of the world’s most innovative brands straight to humanized AI. Digital People possess the emotional intelligence to deliver a more empathetic customer service experience, generate enriching digital content, and unlock elements of scale — all through a visual interface that reacts appropriately and interacts collaboratively. 

Please join David Armano, Senior Director, CX Strategy at Soul Machines, as he discusses how to deliver engaging, valuable, and empathetic customer experiences (ECX) in the digital world.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to provide your customers with experiences that include cognitive, emotional, and compassionate empathy. 
  • How Digital People can capture data on your customer needs, preferences, and emotional states which then becomes a competitive advantage and value for your business.
  • Examples of Empathetic CX use cases
  • The evolution toward Web 3, customer centricity and autonomous animation.