Bringing a Digital Workforce into the Education Industry


The future of education is digital. And now is the time to deploy a digital workforce that embraces the future and continuously improves your institution. Soul Machines Digital People combine Artificial Intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) to bring responsiveness, personalization, and success to both staff and students.

Check out this webinar and hear real-life case studies about the colleges and universities that are currently utilizing Digital People. Discover how Digital People can help with:

– Guiding program selection and enrollment
– Informing about student services (financial, housing, communities)
– Delivering personalized tutoring and test practices
– Counseling about internship and career paths
– Building a brand that supports diversity, equity, and inclusion
– And much more…

How can you use Digital People to take your institution into the metaverse? Watch this webinar and find out.