Calocurb Launches the 1st Digital Person That Offers Support For Health And Wellbeing

Introducing Jenny– a Digital Person with the ability to interact with users and provide guidance on health and wellness topics

Soul Machines has partnered with Calocurb, a New Zealand-based nutrition and e-commerce company, to create “Jenny,” the ‘first in the market’ Digital Person health and wellness coach. Seeking to create a virtual assistant that can provide in-depth and targeted guidance for its customers on their health and wellness journeys, Soul Machines’ technology has enabled Calocurb to see its vision for Jenny come to fruition.  

Calocurb produces a clinically proven natural appetite suppressant that supports appetite management and healthy choices. It aims to educate and inspire its customers to feel capable and motivated to reach their health and wellness goals through products, solutions, holistic support, and community. With Calocurb selling over 65,000 units to date, the team knew the most asked questions from their customers such as, how to best utilize its products, how it works, jumpstart health and fitness goals, and improve overall wellness. With this in mind, Soul Machines and Calocurb together created Jenny, a hyper-realistic, animated digital persona that can hear, see, understand, and communicate with appropriate facial expressions and gestures based on the responses and expressions shown by the customer – all in real time. 

We are so excited to welcome Jenny to the Calocurb team. Jenny is a first-to-the-world 24-hour digital health and wellness coach, answering common questions about how Calocurb works, how to take it, and the science behind the product. The Soul Machines team has been amazing to work with, guiding and providing us with incredible support in creating Jenny.

Sarah Kennedy

CEO, Calocurb

Well-equipped with concise language, diagrams, and videos, Jenny is accessible anytime, anywhere on the Calocurb website, ready to share insights and answer questions consumers might have about health and wellness. Harnessing a vast database of information, Jenny offers curated insights that directly respond to customers’ needs. Jenny also highlights Calocurb’s resources by explaining its services and products (including the natural extract ‘Amarasate™’), spotlighting educational videos, and linking to the company shop. 

Soul Machines’ technology has fast-tracked Calocurb’s innovation and is set to enhance its customer and employee experience. As designers of the dynamic programming, Calocurb wrote the conversational capabilities in its image for Jenny, while Soul Machines developed the AI technology that controls Jenny’s CGI-based appearance and animation, training, and integration in an engaging user interface. Through Jenny, customers can get the most common questions answered, allowing the Calocurb Customer Service team to invest more time into complex questions other customers may have. Calocurb will also access zero-party data to understand better what its customers want from the brand. The invention of Jenny has put modern marketing and customer service innovation on display as the company explores the potential of hyper-personalized user experiences.

We’re eager to introduce Jenny as the first Digital Person to step into the health and wellness space and to showcase the vast capabilities of our technology and the immense potential for companies and individuals that want to invest in Digital People and AI solutions.

Greg Cross

Founder and CEO, Soul Machines

With the successful launch of Calocurb’s Digital Person, Jenny positions the brand as a leader in the health and wellness industry. Jenny joins Soul Machines’ collection and community of Digital People that are forever changing the customer experience across industry verticals.