Changing the Face of Technology Together

We are changing the fundamental way people interact with technology to make it as human centric as possible. If you are interested in helping people to use, cooperate and collaborate with intelligent machines an AI career at Soul Machines might be right for you.

Soul Machines™ has a more holistic approach to true Artificial Intelligence than any company — or even research lab — that we are aware of. Rather than being just another Machine Learning company misrepresenting the term AI, instead we aim to build actual embodied intelligence which can learn and behave in a human like way — in human like form.

We take a biologically inspired approach, developing cognitive architectures comprising interconnected neural networks which can interact, sense and learn in real time, driving behaviour through a digital nervous system which controls a virtual body.

We believe the ultimate way to bring an intelligent digital character to life in a meaningful way is to base it on the best working template we have — ourselves.


We continuously strive to make Soul Machines a great place for our people.

Here are some of our key staff benefits:

Health & Wellbeing

Whether it’s our virtual meditation or mental health days we’ve got your back.

Personal Development

Company wide training platform for continuous development. Everyone growing, together.


Work however best suits your life. Home, in the office, day or night. You’re in control.

Down Time

5 weeks leave and a paid day off for your birthday!

Parental Support

More time off for new parents and support with meal boxes to take away some unneeded stress.

Monthly All-Hands

Monthly all hands day with breakfast, lunch and activities. We dont forget our remote and WFH folks – with digital credit cards loaded for you to order what you like to your door.

Delivering the goodness of human & machine collaboration with AI careers

We live in a world of profound change which requires new ways of interacting with information and engaging with each other. The new generation of AI systems must help people address these new challenges while keeping people center stage: we need systems that positively reshape and transform work, industries, entertainment, healthcare, and companionship. We are committed to producing socially beneficial AI applications. We are here to help.

We hold ourselves accountable to the following core values.


We hold ourselves accountable to the following core values.


Our number one value is trusted relationships with our customers and employees.


We are wholeheartedly committed to a diverse and inclusive culture. We recruit across the globe, languages, and cultures.

Customer Success

Our success depends on the success of our customers and we are dedicated to making sure every experience with a Digital Person is exceptional.

Astounding Product

From day one, we have been laser focused on providing the most astonishing Digital People.