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Soul Machines Launches Digital DNA™ Studio

Soul Machines Launches Digital DNA™ Studio New Creative Suite for User-Generated Creation of Digital People at Scale. SAN FRANCISCO -- May 28, 2020 -- Soul Machines™, the astonishing AGI company, today announced that it will make its Digital DNA™ Studio (DDNA Studio) available for companies to easily and rapidly create their own Digital People for [...]

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Meet Bella

Over the past month, we’ve been working hard to apply our world-leading Autonomous Animation Platform to support Government and Industry in managing the information flow related to COVID-19. Today we released Bella, a live example of the Digital Helpers we announced last month. Bella is one way in which we see communications being reimagined now [...]

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Answering the new CX challenge in a time of Crisis

Six things every brand and CX leader can learn from Yumi.   Crisis of the scale and speed of COVID-19 demand new approaches to Customer Experience. COVID-19 has exposed nearly every CX system, process, and technology as unprepared for a Black Swan event.  Workers are now dispersed with call centres operating from kitchen tables. [...]

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Soul Machines’ Latest Digital Person Ella for New Zealand Police

New Zealand Police introduces “Ella” Digital person “Ella” has been developed by Soul Machines to help Police understand if a Digital Hero makes sense in a policing context WELLINGTON, New Zealand, February 12, 2020 -- Today New Zealand Police announced “Ella,” an autonomously animated Digital Hero developed by Soul Machines, the ground-breaking New Zealand company [...]

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When Roman Met Sam – A Soul Machines Original Series

Soul Machines would like to introduce an original series, When Roman Met Sam, now live on our YouTube channel! When Roman Met Sam explores the ups and downs of the friendships between our very own Digital Heroes™ Roman and Sam and their digital friends at Soul Machines. We sat down with Soul Machines’ Head of [...]

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Soul Machines and Madera Residential’s technology subsidiary Quext, launch “Mia,” a fully autonomous, AI-driven Digital Hero

Soul Machines and Madera Residential’s technology subsidiary Quext, launch “Mia,” a fully autonomous, AI-driven Digital Hero. AUCKLAND, New Zealand, February 5, 2020  -- Soul Machines, the ground-breaking company re-imagining how humans collaborate with machines, and Madera Residential’s technology subsidiary Quext, announce “Mia,” a fully autonomous, AI-driven Digital Hero who will be an integral part [...]

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Soul Machines Raises US$40M Series B


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Digital Puppets or Artificial Humans?

We've been watching with interest Samsung announce Neon at CES - validating Soul Machines pioneering AGI Research and their fully autonomous digital teammates already deployed with leading global brands and corporations like P&G. For us, 7 years of research in neuroscience, developmental psychology and cognitive science have lead to the creation of the worlds first digital [...]

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The Age of A.I.

Robert Downey Jr. examines the latest advancements in artificial intelligence in the first episode of YouTube Originals docu-series, Age of A.I. Check it out for an insight into how Soul Machines is changing the future of human-machine interaction, and see the creation of an autonomously animated, digital version of musician, entertainer and entrepreneur [...]

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Soul Machines Named as One of the Absolute IT Supreme Scale-Ups in This Year’s TIN Report

SOUL MACHINES NAMED AS ONE OF THE ABSOLUTE IT SUPREME SCALE-UPS IN THIS YEAR’S TIN REPORT Auckland, 31 October 2019 – Technology Investment Network (TIN) has named Soul Machines one of the ten Absolute IT Supreme Scale-Ups in this year’s TIN Report, launched tonight at a gala awards event in Auckland. The Absolute IT Supreme [...]

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Bank ABC’s AI-powered Digital Employee Fatema – The World’s First Digital DNA™ Human

Bank ABC launches the first synthetic Digital Human using Soul Machines’ Digital DNA ™ technology. Auckland, New Zealand, September 11, 2019 -- Soul Machines, a New Zealand based deep science & technology company and Bank ABC, announce “Fatema,” a fully autonomous, AI-driven Digital Human who will be an integral part of the Bank’s customer experience. [...]

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SK-II & Soul Machines™ Announce YUMI: The World’s First Autonomously Animated Digital Influencer

YUMI will be the first digital face of SK-II, P&G’s global prestige skincare brandCANNES, FRANCE -- June, 17, 2019 – SK-II, global prestige skincare brand, announced today at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity that it will be partnering with Soul Machines™, ground-breaking company re-imagining how humans connect with machines, to create the world’s first autonomously animated digital [...]

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Humanizing Brands

Given Brands are made by humans, how have so many become so, well, inhuman? Many of today’s brand challenges stem from not being human enough resulting in a chasm between the brand and the consumer. Turns out that the solution to ending what are highly robotic brand responses and interactions is a robot. Efforts to [...]

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The World’s First Autonomously Animated Digital Influencer

Today at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity we announced with P&G’s SK-II, a global prestige skincare brand, the world’s first autonomously animated Digital Influencer: YUMI. YUMI marks the birth of the first fully autonomous digital influencer capable of interacting as a human would but with the control brands need and expect. YUMI is [...]

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Soul Machines™ CBO & Co-Founder Inducted into NZ Hi-Tech Hall of Fame

A huge congratulations to Greg Cross, Soul Machines™  co-founder and Chief Business Officer who was inducted into the NZ Hi-Tech Hall of Fame Friday night. Greg's journey as an entrepreneur has spanned leading Microsoft's NZ operation; co-founding of wireless charging company PowerbyProxi - sold to Apple for in 2017 - and as a director of Cross Ventures and [...]

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NEWS: Kash will help people manage money better

Introducing Kash - a virtual assistant who will transform services for Collection House in Australia. Available 24/7, Kash will be able to support customers by giving them the information they need in a non-judgemental way, helping them to get on the right track to financial freedom.

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PRESS: 5G will help bring digital humans to life

Article by Chris Ashraf as featured on Verizon News | March 11, 2019Imagine walking into a hotel and being greeted by a virtual assistant in a kiosk who can answer all of your questions. Now imagine that virtual assistant could react to what you say, the tone you say it in and your body language. [...]

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