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Nova, Soul Machine's Digital Ambassador

Create AI-Powered Digital People™ with Soul Machines Studio

Our Biological AI technology empowers you to drive 24/7 interactive engagement, in 13 languages, at scale.


Trusted by some of the most innovative teams

We're honored to work with some of the world's greatest companies.

Powered by Biological AI

Biological AI is our patented approach to humanizing AI. It unites the power of Cognitive Modeling with Embodied Cognition, creating an interactive, empathetic Digital Person that can understand and react to real people and the real world.

Digital Coaches examples

Learn something new or practice for conversations.

Discover how our Digital People can help you achieve your goals.

Deliver 24/7 connection with a Digital Celebrity

Now entertainers and influencers can engage one on one with their fans, without limits. Become a Soul Machines Digital Celebrity Partner today.