Changing the Face of Technology Together

We are changing the fundamental way people interact with technology to make it as human centric as possible. More natural for people to use, cooperate and collaborate with intelligent machines.

Soul Machines™ has a more holistic approach to true Artificial Intelligence than any company — or even research lab — that we are aware of. Rather than being just another Machine Learning company misrepresenting the term AI, instead we aim to build actual embodied intelligence which can learn and behave in a human like way — in human like form.

We take a biologically inspired approach, developing cognitive architectures comprising interconnected neural networks which can interact, sense and learn in real time, driving behaviour through a digital nervous system which controls a virtual body.

We believe the ultimate way to bring an intelligent digital character to life in a meaningful way is to base it on the best working template we have — ourselves.

We would love for you to be a part of this journey with us.