AI is the next step in the evolution of digital entertainment

Technology and the visual arts have always been inextricably linked. Artificial intelligence is the next great, evolutionary step. From the day in March 1895 when Auguste and Louis Lumiere debuted the first motion picture – a silent, 46-second clip of workers leaving a factory in Lyon, France – through the latest installment of [...]

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How humanized AI is transforming Education at scale

We tend to forget that online education started two decades ago and the confinement imposed by the pandemic has only accelerated its advancement and acceptance. The positive impact of digital learning tools is becoming measurable and mobile learning is expanding at a fast pace thanks to improved communications and 5G technology. 63% of US high [...]

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The 3-levels of Empathy in CX: How Digital People can help you

Everyone has that one favorite restaurant. It’s special because they make you feel welcome. Perhaps the waiters greet you by name, or the owner remembers your favorite dish and takes the time to recommend a new offering they think you might like. When this is the kind of experience they offer, [...]

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Spinning the Empathetic CX Flywheel with Digital People

In today’s 24/7 global and digital economy, people have a plethora of options to choose from in purchasing goods or services. With the profusion of information available on the web and social media channels, consumers can integrate factors other than features, prices, and lead times in their decision to buy. For [...]

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Scaling Empathy in Patient Care with AI

How Digital People can help cover healthcare shortage while saving health systems billions by 2026 The healthcare industry is undergoing massive transformation. With tele-health, mental health issues, patient costs, and clinician burnout on the rise, AI can help Pre-pandemic, patient care followed a standard [...]

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The Future of Customer Experience for BPOs & Contact Centers

Our VP of Customer Success, Rachael Rekart chats with Kirk Moquin, Co-Founder & Executive Chairman of ERC about how businesses can position themselves as partners committed to helping customers regain control post pandemic, and the role Digital People can play in this journey.  ERC is one of the top international Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) [...]

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Can a bot named Sam help citizen scientists save our seas?

This post originally appeared in, October 2020. (source) A custom data platform and AI tools help UNEP plumb the depths of global water pollution By Jennifer C. Clemente With his furrowed brow and direct gaze, Sam pauses thoughtfully before answering a seemingly innocent question: “Why do you care about marine litter?” “Good question. [...]

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Driving Customer and Employee Happiness: Webinar Key Learnings

Our VP of Customer Success, Rachael Rekart, had a great conversation with the President of Maryville University, Dr Mark Lombardi, about how today’s executives can drive student and employee happiness using cutting-edge technology and Digital People. Maryville University is the second-fastest growing university in the nation and has been named an Apple Distinguished School [...]

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The Executive’s Guide Series: How Conversational AI Is Hyper-personalizing Ecommerce

There’s no question that the way customers interact with eCommerce is changing. Digital transformation has significantly improved the eCommerce experience by streamlining payment, shopping cart, and AI driven brand interactions in online shopping. In fact, Gartner expects that 70% of all customer interactions will involve emerging conversational AI technologies such as machine learning, chatbots [...]

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Optimizing The Buyers’ Journey: How to Increase Ecommerce Conversions By 4.6X With Digital People

The landscape of ecommerce has shifted, maybe more than any other time in history. Purchasing behaviors have led consumers toward online and mobile channels, and the shift is likely to stick post-pandemic. As a result, ecommerce has experienced a 129% year-over-year growth in North America this year, with a 146% growth in all online [...]

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Digital People Keep Employees Engaged in Corporate Learning and Development

In a fast-changing world, Learning and Development (L&D) and HR teams have to be proactive in providing employees with all the tools they need to succeed in a landscape that’s constantly changing. As companies and markets evolve, organizations expect employees to constantly adapt and for their skills to be future-proof to gain competitive advantage and [...]

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How Digital People Can Transform Online Learning

Learning is a cornerstone of society, and today it is going through transformational change. Decreased funding, instructor shortages, and learner needs growing more complex have created a globally-fractured education system. Add in a global pandemic and we’ve created a perfect storm for much-needed reform. The lockdowns in response to COVID-19 have interrupted learning and development. [...]

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Digital transformation won’t save us

Seven Ways to Differentiate Brands through CX in a Covid World

“Strategy is about making choices, trade-offs; it’s about deliberately choosing to be different.” Michael Porter Few business leaders have avoided confronting our new operating environment and its demands. How do we engage a remote workforce? How do customers experience us without our people directly connecting [...]

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Answering the new CX challenge in a time of Crisis

Six things every brand and CX leader can learn from Yumi.   Crisis of the scale and speed of COVID-19 demand new approaches to Customer Experience. COVID-19 has exposed nearly every CX system, process, and technology as unprepared for a Black Swan event.  Workers are now dispersed with call centres operating from kitchen tables. [...]

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