The New Face of the Connected Economy: Soul Machines Featured on

“A lot of the enabling technologies are coming together at an incredibly rapid rate,” he said. “We’re seeing things like the progression of artificial intelligence from machine learning to deep learning. We’re seeing conversational AI progress from natural language processing to natural language generation. We’re seeing synthetic voices capable of injecting emotion and prosody [...]

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A Conversation with and our CEO Mark Sagar

Our Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Mark Sagar, was featured on where he talked about creating digital people, how technology is helping us to understand humanity, and how interaction with intelligent machines will open up the next era of our civilization. Double Academy Award winner Dr. Mark Sagar is the CEO and co-founder [...]

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Soul Machines Featured on the Futureproof podcast

Our Co-founder and Chief Business Officer, Greg Cross, was featured on the Futureproof Podcast where he talked about the future of conversational design,  how Digital People affect society today, and how humanizing machines has the potential to lead to major positive outcomes. One major disruption right now is conversational AI, which is why we [...]

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Soul Machines Named as One of the Absolute IT Supreme Scale-Ups in This Year’s TIN Report

SOUL MACHINES NAMED AS ONE OF THE ABSOLUTE IT SUPREME SCALE-UPS IN THIS YEAR’S TIN REPORT Auckland, 31 October 2019 – Technology Investment Network (TIN) has named Soul Machines one of the ten Absolute IT Supreme Scale-Ups in this year’s TIN Report, launched tonight at a gala awards event in Auckland. The Absolute IT Supreme [...]

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