Empathetic CX and the Power of Customer Connection

Join our guest speaker David Truog, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester and Rachael Rekart, VP of Customer Success at Soul Machines, discussing AI-Digital People and the importance of the emotional impact they can have on the customer journey. Forrester’s research has proven that emotion is the most powerful driver of customers' perceptions of [...]

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Build a customer experience driving loyalty with Digital People

Make new friends, but keep the old; One is silver, and the other gold Do you want to increase sales, drive growth, and expand into new markets? The way to sustainable, long-term growth is to ensure that your customers return. Repeatedly. While making new friends, as the childhood ditty above says, is important, the [...]

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Voicebot podcast on Soul Machines and the rise of virtual humans

VoiceBot AI believes that voice is the user interface change that will drive a new way for people to interact with and control computing resources. It is then no surprise that Brett Kinsella, the host of the VoiceBot AI podcast recently interviewed Greg Cross, co-founder and Chief Business Officer of Soul Machines to discuss Digital [...]

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The Future of Empathetic Customer Experience

Join Fergus Hay, CEO of Elysian Fields and Greg Cross, CBO of Soul Machines discuss the future of customer experience with empathy being at the foundation. Companies are looking at how they can use customer experience as a competitive advantage. According to NTT's 2020 Customer Experience Benchmarking Report, 81.6% of organizations agree that CX [...]

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The 3-levels of Empathy in CX: How Digital People can help you

Everyone has that one favorite restaurant. It’s special because they make you feel welcome. Perhaps the waiters greet you by name, or the owner remembers your favorite dish and takes the time to recommend a new offering they think you might like. When this is the kind of experience they offer, [...]

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Spinning the Empathetic CX Flywheel with Digital People

In today’s 24/7 global and digital economy, people have a plethora of options to choose from in purchasing goods or services. With the profusion of information available on the web and social media channels, consumers can integrate factors other than features, prices, and lead times in their decision to buy. For [...]

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Conversational AI Strategy: What You Should Know

Join Rachael Rekart, our VP of Customer Success, and Shantenu Agarwal, our VP of AGI Ecosystems, as they discuss conversational AI and the need for a consistent customer experience. You’ll hear how you can prepare your own effective conversational strategy. Your conversational AI strategy is an important part of your company as you may [...]

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Using Empathetic AI-Digital People to Drive your Customer Experience

Join our guest speaker Ian Jacobs, Principal Analyst at Forrester, and Shantenu Agarwal, VP of AGI Ecosystems at Soul Machines, as they discuss AI-Digital People being an emotional component for your customer experience. Research has shown us that empathy plays a main driver in how we perceive the customer service experience. Customers tend to [...]

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The Future of Customer Experience for BPOs & Contact Centers

Our VP of Customer Success, Rachael Rekart chats with Kirk Moquin, Co-Founder & Executive Chairman of ERC about how businesses can position themselves as partners committed to helping customers regain control post pandemic, and the role Digital People can play in this journey.  ERC is one of the top international Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) [...]

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The Future of Customer Experience with AI Digital People

Join our guest speaker Kirk Moquin, Co-Founder & Executive Chairman of ERC, and Soul Machines VP of Customer Success, Rachael Rekart, as they discuss the future of customer experience with AI Digital People. In this information-packed 30-minute webinar, you’ll learn: - Why you should be thinking about your omnichannel customer experiences - How world-class [...]

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How AI-powered Digital People are transforming customer experience and engagement

Join Soul Machines co-founder and Chief Business Officer Greg Cross and VP of Customer Success, Rachael Rekart as they discuss the ways Digital People improve the customer experience in the world, the evolution of hybrid customer experiences, and Digital People in Covid-19 and beyond. Digital People in a changing global landscape use cases Competitive [...]

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