How humanized AI is transforming Education at scale

We tend to forget that online education started two decades ago and the confinement imposed by the pandemic has only accelerated its advancement and acceptance. The positive impact of digital learning tools is becoming measurable and mobile learning is expanding at a fast pace thanks to improved communications and 5G technology. 63% of US high [...]

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Driving Customer & Employee Happiness with AI Digital People

Join Higher Education visionary, Dr. Mark Lombardi, President of Maryville University, and Soul Machines Vice President, Rachael Rekart, as they discuss rethinking employee and customer engagement through the use of AI and digital people. As they share use cases for digital people helping to build brand affinity through career and life coaching for students [...]

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Digital People Keep Employees Engaged in Corporate Learning and Development

In a fast-changing world, Learning and Development (L&D) and HR teams have to be proactive in providing employees with all the tools they need to succeed in a landscape that’s constantly changing. As companies and markets evolve, organizations expect employees to constantly adapt and for their skills to be future-proof to gain competitive advantage and [...]

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How Digital People Can Transform Online Learning

Learning is a cornerstone of society, and today it is going through transformational change. Decreased funding, instructor shortages, and learner needs growing more complex have created a globally-fractured education system. Add in a global pandemic and we’ve created a perfect storm for much-needed reform. The lockdowns in response to COVID-19 have interrupted learning and development. [...]

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