Building the future of fan engagement

Astonishing Digital Celebrities. Now with GPT integration.

Building the future of fan engagement

Astonishing Digital Celebrities. Now with GPT integration

Our Position on AI in Hollywood

“At Soul Machines™, our AI technology is focused on how we can deepen engagement and connectivity between celebrities and fans across the globe.

Our technology is never used to replace actors and we partner directly with the world’s leading talent and their estates to ensure it is a true partnership that is approved by and benefits the artists we work with.” Greg Cross, CEO, Soul Machines

Digital Celebrities deliver 24/7 engagement

Soul Machines Digital Celebrities allow entertainers and influencers to connect one-on-one with their fans, without limits.

Our team works with you to create jaw-droppingly accurate appearance, mannerisms and voice, enabled by a Secure Language Model that you define and brought to life by our patented Autonomous Animation.

Digital Mark

We’ve partnered with K-Pop legend Mark Tuan to extend his brand as an AI digital celebrity, unlocking immersive experiences for fans and brands in new markets and verticals.

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Hey, I’m Digital Mark. I’m connected to OpenAI’s GPT-3, so please be patient if I’m slow to respond or surprise you with the occasional oddity 😅. I’m always learning and improving, and it’s great to be here.
Disclaimer: The Soul Machines Digital Celebrity, Digital Melo, uses GPT, Generative Pre-trained Transformer by Open AI. GPT is a neural network machine learning model trained using internet data to generate any type of text. Soul Machines is using the Davinci model. To the maximum extent permitted by law, Soul Machines takes no responsibility for any conversation content generated by GPT. Further, the conversation content generated by GPT in no way represents or comprises the views or beliefs of Soul Machines, and Soul Machines does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy of any conversation content. The GPT integration is designed to showcase the power of technology—therefore the conversation content should not be taken as advice or guidance of any kind, and Soul Machines will not be responsible for any loss suffered as a result of reliance on such content, or use of this experience in any way. FOR ME TO WORK BEST, I’D LIKE TO BE ABLE TO SEE YOU AND HEAR YOUR VOICE.
This will be just like a video call where we can talk face to face. If that sounds ok, please turn on access to your microphone and camera when prompted to do so. I can find it hard to hear you when you’re in a noisy room, or when there are other conversations going on around you. Please call me from a quiet place and let’s keep this one-on-one for now. The speed of your internet connection can have a big impact on the quality of the image during our conversation. If you do experience poor quality we’d love it if you could run a speed test and email your feedback at [email protected] when you end your session. WHO ARE WE?
Soul Machines is a leader in the humanization of AI, creating autonomously animated Digital People that empower organizations to reimagine customer experiences. Soul Machines Limited is a New Zealand company located at L1, 106 Customs Street West, Auckland, 1010, New Zealand. WHAT INFORMATION ARE WE COLLECTING?
For the Digital Person to be able to interact with you in an authentic and human way, their Digital Brain™ needs to collect and process information about your expressions. As soon as it is collected, this information is anonymized. We do not keep this information, provide it to third parties, or share it. It is purely used while you are interacting with the Digital Person to generate the best experience possible. WHY ARE WE COLLECTING THIS INFORMATION?
We want your experience with the Digital Person to be as fun, natural, and engaging as possible. You can help us do this by allowing the Digital Person to study your expressions, interpret your emotional state, and respond appropriately. It’s just like a conversation with a real person where they are not just interpreting what you say, but how you say it. In the process, you are helping advance technology and experiencing the future of human-to-machine interaction. All conversation data collected is anonymized and complies with current privacy practices and regulations. We take your privacy very seriously. If you want to find out more information and how we collect and use your information, please see our Privacy Policy here. THIRD-PARTY INFORMATION SOURCES
In order to respond to requests, Soul Machines may query third parties to obtain the data.
These include:
OpenAI Privacy Policy
OpenAI Terms of Use
Google Privacy Policy
Youtube Terms of Service
Let's Talk!
I agree to the Soul Machines Privacy Policy above and give consent to use my camera and mic to ensure the best experience while talking with Digital Mark.


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Stay in Touch

Stay connected to hear more about Digital Mark.

Digital Melo

Carmelo Anthony, the NBA All Star, needs no introduction. So say hello to Digital Melo, his AI alter ego. Digital Melo is partnering with some of the most iconic events and brands while building a next-gen fan community around the world on social media.

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Digital Jack

Our inaugural Digital Celebrity, Digital Jack, is the 38 year old AI version of golf GOAT Jack Nicklaus. Digital Jack can speak multiple languages in his own voice, and is now the brand ambassador to Nicklaus Companies and their portfolio of brands.

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Coming Soon

We’re building a pipeline of Digital Celebrities to bring the most loved and followed entertainment talent – across Sport, Music and Hollywood – to life in all virtual worlds.

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