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Digital Celebrity Showcase

Soul Machines is a pioneer in the world of Digital Celebrities. In partnership with leading celebrities, and powered by our cutting-edge Biological AI technology, we bring their visions to life, creating immersive and interactive experiences for fans worldwide.

Trusted by Leading Celebrities

Join the A-List

Launch your own Digital Celebrity, or find out how you can partner with our existing roster.

See what Digital Celebrities can do for you

Digital Coaches examples

Experience the Magic

Head over to the Soul Machines Gallery and discover how Digital People are revolutionizing interactive experiences. Whether you're looking to practice a new skill or learn from an industry expert, our Digital Practice Coaches are here to guide you.

Our stance on AI in Hollywood

AI technology should support artists, never replace them.

“At Soul Machines, our AI technology is focused on how we can deepen engagement and connectivity between celebrities and fans across the globe. Our technology is never used to replace entertainers, and we partner directly with the world’s leading talent and their estates to ensure it is a true partnership that is approved by, and benefits, the artists we work with.”

- Greg Cross, CEO, Soul Machines 

Create Your Own Digital Person

Soul Machines Studio empowers you to bring your vision to life. 

With our user-friendly tools, you can:


Soul Machines Studio blender tool

Utilize the Digital DNA Blender to personalize the appearance and personality of your Digital Person, or choose from a variety of templates offered by Soul Machines Studio.


Soul Machines Studio is LLM agnostic

Securely integrate your own Large Language Model (LLM) or GPT-3 to equip your Digital Person with specialized knowledge, skills, and language capabilities, fostering meaningful interactions.


Soul Machines Studio Digital People can be deployed across any digital environment

Seamlessly deploy or export your Digital Person across various platforms, unlocking unparalleled engagement opportunities.

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