Introducing your Digital CXO

Experience the incredible capabilities of your Digital Workforce.

Get customer insights from our 1:1 interactions.

AI and ML tools can detect trends over time, but the Digital CXO will also capture the human element of your Customers’ Experience.

Capture zero-party data through a natural and timely conversation

Suggest simple and precise customer feedback and other ratings

Tailor conversations for your CX research

Integrate to your store, website, and web application in minutes

Interface to your CRM/Service database

Speaks 12 languages

DCXO Data Capture

Make better and more informed CX decisions.

DCXO Insight Report

Get experience ratings from general sentiments down to granular insights

Create a CX database that you own and leverage for competitive advantage

Increase customer loyalty with thorough analytics integrating scores, verbatim and emotions

Included in the Digital CXO package:

Standardized survey conversational corpus

1 deployment on a public website or mobile app

Insights API endpoint to report on conversation & sentiment metrics

1 language (upgrade available)

Talk to a DCXO to learn more…

DCXO Macbook