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It’s in our Digital DNA™

What makes Soul Machines Digital People look so distinctly human? The answer lies in Digital DNA. With Soul Machines Studio, you can customize, refine and adjust every visual element of your Digital Person, using our proprietary blender tool. From skin tone to eye shape to body type, you’ll design your own one-of-a-kind Digital DNA.

Digital DNA delivers on branding

With the deep customization possible in Soul Machines Studio, you can ensure every detail of your Digital Person uniquely reflects and amplifies your brand. The power of Digital DNA is in your hands. 

Soul Machines Digital People powered by Biological AI

Launching Digital People is easy as


Soul Machines Studio blender tool

Use the Digital DNA Blender tool to customize your appearance, or choose a Soul Machines Studio template.


Soul Machines Studio is LLM agnostic

Securely plug into your own LLM or GPT to integrate knowledge, skills, and language that drive relevant interactions.


Soul Machines Studio Digital People can be deployed across any digital environment

Quickly deploy or export Digital People across platforms, delivering unparalleled engagement and mining business insights.

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