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Put Digital People™ to work for you

Create Soul Machines Digital People to be your next Customer Service Agent, Brand Ambassador, HR Specialist, Financial Expert, Health Coach, or anything you can imagine. 

Unlocking Interactive Superhuman Intelligence

Biological AI is our patented approach to humanizing AI. It unites the power of Cognitive Modeling and Embodied Cognition. Biological AI is the foundational technology behind our Digital Brain™ that empowers our interactive, empathetic and highly engaging embodied agents, or Digital People, and it is the key to unlocking superhuman intelligence in the digital and physical worlds. 

Introducing Isobel, a digital person powered by Biological AI and created in Soul Machines Studio

Launching Digital People is easy as


Soul Machines Studio blender tool

Use the Digital DNA Blender tool to customize appearance and personality, or choose a Soul Machines Studio template.


Soul Machines Studio is LLM agnostic

Securely plug into your own LLM or GPT to integrate knowledge, skills, and language that drive meaningful interactions


Create digital people in Soul Machines Studio and deploy across any digital environment

Quickly deploy or export Digital People across platforms, delivering unparalleled engagement and mining business insights.

Soul Machines Studio in action

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