Digital People Skills

Just like for real people, having competitive job skills is important for Digital People so they can fulfill their roles efficiently and be successful. This is why we created Skills to jump-start their conversational training and integration with business tools and digital platforms.

Select Skills from a rich library available in Digital DNA Studio

Accelerate deployment using standardized conversations

Reduce costs by leveraging existing digital assets

Tap into the knowledge of best in class communities

Eliminate technical barriers with ready-made integrations

Selecting job skills
Skills can be assigned to Digital People with the click of a button. They include communication utilities, search capabilities through social media and websites, access to curated content and knowledge bases, and more complex integration functions with external digital platforms.

Have a specific role in mind?

Check our role-centric packages featuring Digital DNA Studio pre-configured with out-of-the-box conversations common for the role, a suitable set of job skills, and behavioral style.

Communication Skills

Give your Digital People instructive and pleasant conversations and also train them with conversational manners.

Media Search Skills

Turn your Digital People into social media experts capable of finding the videos, posts, and news that may interest their audiences.

Cognitive Skills

Expand the knowledge of your Digital People tapping into trusted and curated content.

Business Skills

Make your Digital Person highly productive and digital-tool savvy.

Stay tuned for more job skills!