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Technology and media innovation is being driven by artificial intelligence including customer service, interactive and conversational data.

Use cases including technology support, AI interactive content experience.

Use Cases:

Media companies leverage Digital People to provide the most recent information on any number of topics. Most importantly, we can help ensure the most accurate information is available.

Technology companies can leverage AGI as a front end experience for a data interactions, customer support, training and more.

Digital People attributes:

  • Responsive and engaging
  • Always available 24×7
  • Extensions of your brand from expressions to conversations
  • Customizable
  • Twelve languages
  • Easily Scalable
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Soul Machines™ is an astonishing AGI company whose unparalleled Human OS platform allows the world to leverage the full capabilities and goodness of human and machine collaboration in a responsive, relatable and unprecedented way. Soul Machines is the only company with a patented Digital Brain resulting in the most incredibly lifelike dynamically interactive Digital People.

Soul Machines works with the world’s leading brands to reimagine and accelerate AI as a platform for changing the customer experience.

Soul Machines is headquartered in San Francisco with R&D based in Auckland, New Zealand.