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The World's First Autonomously Animated Digital Influencer

YUMI will be the face of SK-II®,
P&G’s premium skin care solution

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YUMI marks the birth of the first fully autonomous, AI-driven, Digital Influencer capable of interacting as a human would but with the control Brands need and expect. YUMI will support customers of the Japanese cosmetic brand SK-II® in understanding and selecting products, take care of their skin, and provide general beauty advice. YUMI will serve as the face of the brand.

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“YUMI is more than a digital influencer. She is a digital human capable of interacting and engaging in ways technology hasn’t been able to do until now,” said Sandeep Seth, Chief Executive Officer, Global SK-II. “YUMI personifies our goal to combine technology and creativity to benefit customers. She provides the warmth and connection of human touch in the form of a digital experience to make the overall skincare experience at home and in store more enjoyable and compelling. We’re looking forward to customers being able to turn to her for skincare and beauty questions at any time of the day or night.”

Humanizing Brands

The ability of Brands to scale and automate customer interactions is limited to impersonal, highly structured communications. Legacy web interfaces, chatbots and now digital puppets do little to create a human connection with the customer.

Soul Machines™ has created the first platform for brands, agencies and business to automate and scale human-to-machine interactions.



Build Campaigns & Creative
that literally connect


Automate and Scale Brand
Interactions 24x7


Capture insights based on


Create digital influencers
that scale autonomously


Extend brand


Create new human
interfaces to products

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Create and run Digital Humans that express brands and power engagement in more Human ways. Scale brand interactions autonomously with AI.


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