Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is at the heart of forming engaging interactions with people. By adding El to our avatars, it also gives them the ability to connect and engage users on an emotional level. Our avatars can recognize emotional expression by analyzing facial expressions and vocal expression in real time.

Our avatars have an unprecedented level of human-like expression and can communicate to the user with both subtle and dramatic emotional responses.

If a change in the emotional state of the person our avatar is talking to is recognized, it can be met with an appropriate emotional response from our avatar - which may be expressed both verbally and non-verbally. EI can learn through experience - like AI the more it interacts with you, the more it learns about your personality and emotions in the context of the conversation. Specifically, the questions being asked and the response to the answers provided will make an equal contribution to the direction of the conversation and the EI corpus. 

EI is the sum of interaction between a person and our avatars. We deliver on engaging, human-style user experience which can be the platform for an ongoing relationship and value creating experience for our customers.