Announced at Mobile World Congress 2018 - Soul Machines has entered into a new partnership with Daimler Financial Services to create Sarah, a digital human designed to help customers with personalized assistance for the company's services, including car financing, leasing and insurance.  Watch the video showcasing this exciting new partnership.

Sarah combines artificial and emotional intelligence for a completely new experience which redefines the link between humans and machines. Check out the latest press coverage on Sarah

Soul Machines is changing the landscape of banking with CORA, a digital human created for UK bank NatWest, a subsidiary of banking giant - the Royal Bank of Scotland.  Running as a pilot program, Cora is there to add a dynamic way for customers to get quick, accurate answers on everyday banking questions. Read more about this banking first.

Kevin Hanley - Director of Innovation, Royal Bank of Scotland Group - talks about the role of Cora

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Rachael rekart of autodesk live on cheddar news site

Discussing how Autodesk have partnered with Soul Machines to create AVA.


Cora is causing quite a stir across global media

Check out the press coverage and take a look at the BBC video

What makes you get up in the morning?  This is the question posed to Mark Sagar and Greg Cross of Soul Machines.  Take a look at what they said.