Digital Humans bringing a friendly face back to self-service

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Air New Zealand has taken the next step in customer digital interaction by deploying a digital human to answer customers’ questions about New Zealand.

by MADISON REIDY for  (October 3, 2017)

Extract from the article:

Chatbots, apps and automated call centres have taken the human touch away from customer service, but one company is set to bring it back. 

Auckland-based Soul Machines™ builds computerised humans that can be employed as customer service representatives. 

Soul Machines™ chief business officer Greg Cross said people craved human interaction in an increasingly digital world where self-service through screens were the norm. 

 Sophie in action Sophie in action

Cross said chatbots were efficient but their impersonal, transactional manner was decreasing customer satisfaction. He said digital humans were more engaging than chatbots. 

Air New Zealand used one of Soul Machines™’ digital humans, named Sophie, as its ambassador for its marketing show in Los Angeles last week.

Sophie wore an Air NZ uniform and was trained to answer customers’ questions about the airline’s offerings and what to do in New Zealand. She even spoke with a New Zealand accent.

The airline did not employe Sophie permanently.


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