HOT OFF THE PRESS: Soul Machines™ Partners with Autodesk to launch AVA at Autodesk University 2017

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Soul Machines™ today announced it has partnered with Autodesk, a builder of software that helps people imagine, design and create a better world, to create a digital human of Autodesk’s Virtual Agent, AVA. Announced at Autodesk University, Autodesk’s annual conference in Las Vegas, Ava will provide customers access to a service agent 24/7—answering questions, directing them to content and completing transactions.

Soul Machines™ is advancing AVA’s capabilities, with a digital human face and persona that it literally brings AVA “to life” using its world leading Human Computing Engine™ (HCE). The Soul Machines™ HCE  is a Virtual Nervous System™ that combines neural networks and biologically inspired models of the human brain. AVA’s Virtual Nervous System gives her the ability to see and hear as well as sensory systems that enable to recognize and respond emotionally in an incredibly human like way.

“The future of highly personalized customer engagement is a blend of digital and human support, and AVA our first digital employee is just that. She will understand human consciousness and interactions by reading signals such as body language and facial reactions—in turn learning more about customers to better serve them. The addition of emotional intelligence to AVA takes our customer service beyond purely transactional to relational.” – Rachael Rekart, senior manager for, machine assisted service engagement at Autodesk

By putting a face on Artificial Intelligence and extending the potential for customer interaction beyond text based chatbots and voice assistants we enable large corporations and organizations all over the world to enter a whole new era of personalized service and democratized knowledge transfer.

“As one of the world’s leading global software companies we are excited that Autodesk will be among the first to deploy our technology on top of their IBM Watson cognitive platform. If the future of software is AI and 3D graphics this is an extremely exciting partnership for both Autodesk and Soul Machines™” – Greg Cross, Chief Business Officer, Soul Machines™

As we work with Autodesk to launch their first digital employee AVA we are very excited  to be exploring the future of human machine interaction at the very beginning of the AI and robot era. Learning about how we can make these “machines” more human like  and more useful to each and everyone of us as individuals will define the future of creating compelling customer experiences.



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