NATIONAL BUSINESS REVIEW: Soul Machines partners with Autodesk to create digital employee

Excerpt from story by Rebecca Howard | NBR |November 16, 2017

Soul machines, the Auckland-based developer of intelligent, emotionally responsive avatars, has joined forces with 3D design, engineering and entertainment software developer Autodesk to create the US company's first digital employee.

AVA (Autodesk virtual agent), a virtual customer service agent, will interact with customers 24/7 to resolve any issues. However, unlike Autodesk's current virtual assistant that is text-based, its virtual nervous system will give AVA the ability to see, hear and respond emotionally, according to Soul Machines.

"This is where our technology is particularly unique. These digital characters do have a virtual nervous system, using AI technology and models of different parts of the human brain. That's how we bring them to life in a very human-like way," said Greg Cross, chief business officer for Soul Machines in an interview.

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Kirrily Denny