EVENT: Soul Machines™ at Most Contagious, London 2017

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Most Contagious 2017 – Old Truman Brewery, London.

Excerpt from Most Contagious

In it’s 6th year the acclaimed MOST CONTAGIOUS on Wednesday, 6 December 2017 gathers 600 leaders and shapers from the world’s most successful and pioneering brands, agencies, media organisations and technologies to reveal the truly ground breaking campaigns, innovations and trends of 2017.

MOST CONTAGIOUS brings this all together on one day, providing tightly focused insights and powerful inspiration for a successful 2018 and beyond. With talks by industry experts, leaders from major brands, world-class agencies and disruptive start-ups, plus our innovation awards, bespoke breakout sessions and our immersive exhibition showcasing the cutting edge of media, marketing and technology, this is a unique day that creatives, marketers and change makers simply can’t afford to miss.

Greg Cross features as a Key Speaker for SOUL MACHINES™ / AI + EI

Sharing how Soul Machines™ is humanising computing by imbuing avatars with emotional intelligence and how this could transform every single customer service offering in the next few years.

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