Five Levels of Autonomous Animation

The intersection of AI and CGI (and eventually AR/VR) requires a new approach to animation – one based on the presence of a Digital Brain to autonomously animate Digital Humans in real-time. Digital Humans express responses and information based on both the context created by the user and the content being delivered.

In the same way there is a taxonomy for the different levels of Autonomous Vehicle technology, Soul Machines believes our industry needs a clear taxonomy for Autonomous Animation to clearly differentiate between the real and the fake. As a result, we have come up with five levels of Autonomous Animation in an effort to create a standard for measuring innovation in this field.

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Actor driven, pre-recorded video or motion capture.

Enabling Technology:
Motion Capture Cameras

Possible Solutions:
Movie and Games Characters

Actor driven, pre-authored animation delivers pre-recorded movement based on simple triggers.

Enabling Technology:
FAQ text driven conversational database with pre-recorded voice content responses.

Possible Solutions
Digital Puppets

Video manipulation, and/or voice/text based partial face animation with encoded triggers.

Enabling Technology:
NLP – scripted conversational content Mirroring and simple emotion analytics.

Possible Solutions:

Ability to learn from each interaction. Full human-like emotional responsiveness in facial animation including a conversational driven personality.

Enabling Technology:
Soul Machines™ Digital Brain V 1.0
NLP – scripted conversational content.
NLG – dynamically created conversational content combined with synthetic voice creation.

Possible Solutions:

Digital Employees, Digital Companions, Digital Influencers and Digital Celebrities

Full body motion control provides the ability to interact with digital environment. Creative behaviors based on learned experiences and agency to discover and set new intentions, plans, and goals. Ability to train through interaction.

Enabling Technology:

Soul Machines™ Digital Brain V 2.0

Possible Solutions:
Interactive 3D AR/VR characters

Independent Digital Heroes with strong semantic and contextual understanding of self’s actions.

Enabling Technology:

Soul Machines™ Digital Brain V 3.0

Possible Solutions:
Virtual people for virtual worlds, non linear story telling

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